01-04, 18 Robinson Road
Singapore 048547

Monday – Friday: 11am – 7pm
Saturday & Public Holidays: 11am – 6pm
Sunday: Closed

Originally a small trading firm in Chinatown, Kee Hing Hung has blossomed into one of the stalwarts of Singapore’s luxury watch retail trade and cemented itself as a key piece of the heritage in the Chinatown area. To write a new chapter in its own history, Kee Hing Hung has relocated from Chinatown to the central business district, raising the shutters to a brand-new boutique at 18 Robinson. The move is a momentous milestone for the retailer because it is uprooting from a location which carries so much significance and heritage for everyone associated with Kee Hing Hung.

The expansive Rolex boutique by Kee Hing Hung at 18 Robinson makes for a conducive environment for watch appreciation. Customers can lounge in the welcoming space that boasts a combination of walnut brown wood and beige-coloured stone complemented with accents of the brand’s iconic emerald green hue. The Kee Hing Hung staff members, who are well-versed in the products, story and values of the brand, will definitely be able to offer clients an enriching journey into the world of Rolex too. Embark on your personal journey at Kee Hing Hung to find your ideal Rolex timepiece that will last a lifetime.


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